Ramadan 2022

Apna Ramadan 2022

When you give to APNA Brooklyn Center, you are supporting our work that makes the lives of our Non-English speaking immigrants easier! The work we do helps our communities bridge the cultural, social and linguistic gap and rebuild their lives in NYC through community engagement, education, and empowerment.

To extend a helping hand to those in need during this holy month, we’ve launched a unique Ramadan campaign. We are distributing a Ramadan Special Ethnic Food Package! This package includes 15-20 items of ethnic Ramadan groceries specially catering to the taste of our communities. And guess what?

It will only cost you $50 to serve a family of 5-6 individuals for 2 weeks!

Not just this. We’re also distributing Hot Meal Packages. This meal will include prepared ethnic Iftar for those fasting in our communities. Till now we have distributed 3000 hot meals per week at 5 different locations to over 500 families.

It will only cost $10 per Hot Meal package but will feed a fasting family!

Together, we can provide the hot meals and our ethnic grocery package to more families who are looking for assistance during this pious month. So, can we count you in to feed some fasting families this Ramadan?

“Whoever feeds hungry and a fasting person will be compensated with forgiveness of sins and salvation of his soul from Hell. He will also receive a reward equal to that of the person he feeds, without causing him any reduction.”

–Words of The Prophet (PBUH)

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Just call at +1 718 513 4700 to make a donation

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