Pervez Siddiqui

Pervez Siddiqui

Pervez is a pharmacist by profession and has been an entrepreneur in the New York and New Jersey area for the last 35 plus years. Pervez has been part of many successful business ventures that span the healthcare, technology and community realm. Pervez has both built innovative businesses from scratch and has also acquired struggling businesses and turned them around by fundamentally transforming them, setting them on growth part, making them profitable and then in many cases selling them to larger organizations.

He is a very well- known community Pharmacist. He stands out among the community leaders due to his educational background, professional experience and outstanding community services.

Pharmacist and Enterpreneur

He is an entrepreneur, He founded his 1 st Pharmacy back in 1981 in New Jersey, he purchased the iconic, Shalit’s Drugstore. Shalit’s Drugstore was a hundred-year-old institution that was struggling to survive. Over the next several years, Pervez turned around Shalit’s drugstore back to its iconic brand and then sold it successful to a larger pharmacy. He founded his 1 st pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY in 1995 by the name of Sauls Pharmacy on Mermaid Avenue since then he is serving the community and took various initiates for the community education, empowerment and development. He has provided employment to many young adults and experienced pharmacy professionals. He is the founder and managing partner of 6 pharmacies in Brooklyn.

Founder of Apna

He is the founder of APNA Adult Day Care and Apna Brooklyn Community Center. He established APNA with a vision to build bridges through community engagement, education, and empowerment. Since its founding, APNA has jumped right into projects to meet the needs of local residents , especially those who are low-income, older, and/or have limited English proficiency. Apna is a local organization recognized by the South Asian Muslim community at large and is now a centralized hub for the Muslim Americans. Due to his strong background in healthcare and community welfare services he is always willing to develop projects which will encourage collaboration and partnerships with organizations committed and experienced in community services.

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