2022 Apna Accomplishments

In 2022 APNA provided a wide range of programs and services to the residents of New York City, specifically seniors, women, children and families, many of them are recent immigrants and refugees- isolated by low-income, disabilities and language barriers to access mainstream benefits. APNA helped them in responding to crisis situations and gain access to the resources provided by City, State, Federal Government and community partners.We cannot believe that 2022 has gone by so fast! With the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic finally being in sight, we can all collectively take a moment to breathe and absorb all that we have endured together as a community throughout this unbelievably tough period. We are extremely proud of our team, as well as our volunteers for their bravery and resilience in serving the community and being on the frontlines through the entire pandemic. Their rigorous and constant efforts helped us achieve our annual programmatic goals.Let’s take a look at what Impact we have made in the lives of thousands of New Yorkers!The greatest power in a community is the power of alliance & unity!We cannot imagine doing this without you, and your support – for which we thank you! #communityservice#2022Accomplishments#APNA#immigrantsmakeamericagreat#Immigrants#LanguagueAccess#seniorservices#culturematters#Brooklyn#brightonbeach