Celebrating the Womens History Month

🪻Yesterday, we had an absolute blast celebrating the Women’s History Month.🪻 It is important to recognize and appreciate the accomplishments and ongoing efforts of women in various fields and walks of life. It was impressive to see over 50+ youth leaders joining the event 💙💜. It is fantastic to see young leaders from our community actively engaging in discussions and activities. The high turnout speaks volumes about their commitment to promoting gender equality and women empowerment in their community.A big thank you to all our amazing panelists – Samina Dohadwalla , Zunaira Ahmed, Amna Ahmed and Naila Siddiqui for sharing stories of their greatest accomplishments, challenges and contributions they have made to the society and the world. We are so proud of the women who continue to pave the way for others to follow.👏👏We express our gratitude to our guests Dionne Brown -District Leader and @Emmanuel from State Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton for their time to attend the event.🙏The participants received raffle prizes and gift cards at the end of the event!🎁💝🌷A big shoutout to our amazing staff and volunteers for organising and managing another successful event.#womenshistorymonth2024#celebratingwomen#youthempowerment#inspiration#youngleaders#prizes#youthempowerment#YouthAdvocacy#APNA