Giving Tuesday 2022. Raise $20000

Giving Tuesday, the year’s coolest day to donate is today and we are very excited to count on you to help us raise $20,000 to fund our food pantry which helps thousands of families each year to deal with food insecurities. Put a few dollars aside right now so you can join our movement and encourage your friends to donate as well.#GivingTuesday is a global day of generosity, specifically to help the most needed and to support a sincere cause? Sounds like the perfect activity for this holiday season!We made it through a tough time, and we did together. Let’s celebrate with a little joy and take advantage of this opportunity and share your blessings with others to make tomorrow even brighter for everyone!If you love your neighbors, it’s time to show your love by giving to APNA Food Pantry. Click here now…#foodinsecurity#foodaccess#givingtuesday2022#APNA