Eid celebration with 700+ people attended

What an amazing day that was May 15th, APNA organized a community-wide Family Day and Eid celebration. 700+ people attended the event dressed in traditional attire, and individuals from many ethnicities came to support and have fun. There was music, food, and toys, among other things. Brighton Beach residents flooded the streets with bright smiles as children participated in arts and crafts activities, had their faces painted, and even received henna tattoos. Our community came together to celebrate Eid, thanks to the excellent sponsors and officials who helped make the occasion even more remarkable.Apna was ecstatic to be hosting this event. Thousands of goody bags, cookies and 500 toys were distributed. 700 Freshly cooked halal meals, adult and kid face masks, KN95 masks, EWF and ERAP information.Thanks to our amazing partners Brian Gotlieb Founder of Shorefront Toys for TotsCouncilwoman Inna VernikovCongressman Hakeem Jeffries & NYPD 60th Precinct and our sponsors Rethink @Centersplan @IRUSA RiseBoroNYCFidelis CareBrooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Shazia Pharmacy. Joined by our elected officials NYC Council Member Ari Kagan @Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowtiz, District Leaders @Dionne Jordan Brown Dionne Brown and @Michael Silverman, CB 13 Chair-@Lucy Mujica Dias, Capt Waheed Akhtar, Capt. Adeel Rana, @MohamedBahe-Senior Liason Muslim Community at NYC Mayor’s Office, Frieda Menos Representative of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Representative of Assemblywoman Mathylde FrontusLast but not least, we would like to thank our committed and hardworking crew and volunteers for their continuous contributions to the success of this celebration. We look forward to many more celebrations in the future!#Eidulfitr2022#eidmubarak2022#eidcelebration2022#Brooklyn#community engagement #CommunityService#Apna#Diversity#inclusion